Everest is not everyone’s mountain.

You hear stories about it. Maybe you even know someone that has done it. Every two to three years a new film comes out about it. And if you have enough physical strength, money, time, and crazy you can do it too. Months of training, years of planning, all to say, “I’ve summited Mt. Everest.”
There are a lot of reasons people decide to climb Mt. Everest. Some reasons are pure and selfless while others are purely selfish. Nevertheless, whatever the reason, the experience and the journey to the top is something that will challenge and change a person (hopefully for the good).
I have never climbed Everest (I am lacking the “crazy”) nor do I think I know anyone that has. But there have been challenges I have purposefully pursued with the goal of getting to the top. Most of the time I never make it, and when I have, I was surely not the fastest, strongest, smartest, or wisest to make it to the summit.

I have never regretted not reaching a summit.

The reason I like this video is that it never shows anyone on the summit of the mountain, jumping for joy with arms raised high, wallowing in the victory; only scattered tents and specks of people encompassed by the majesty of God’s creation on the side of a “hill.”

The focus in the film is about the journey to the top, the challenges that make you who you are along the way, and the people and environment that surrounds you.

Even though Everest my not be your mountain, you should never cease attempting to summit your own, the outing is worth it.



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