MiiR Growler. Connecting us.

Growler (MiiR)

MiiR Growler. Connecting us.

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As many of you know I am a big advocate for buying with purpose, even if it is something you do not need, it may help someone else in need. A while back, I came up with a mission for one of my business ideas, “Produce to Live, Purchase to Empower.” To me this phrase captured everything that I wanted to accomplish when starting my own organization. In fact, it was the cornerstone of my idea. MiiR has a slogan similar to the one I came up with that also makes up the foundation of their organization, “Designed to Empower,” I absolutly dig this mission.

I recently backed MiiR’s latest design, the MiiR Growler. Who would pass up an opportunity to carry around and/or store 64 ounces of delicious beer or coffee! Realistically, I do not need a growler, but I do enjoy both beer and coffee so it will be easy for me to put it to good use. The purpose of backing the growler was not to get such an amazing deal on a high-quality product, instead it was to see how well they track “Impact.” Tracking impact is something many organizations, both for-profit and non-profit,  have done poorly since the beginning of time. Many organizations do a phenomenal job asking for your money, but do a dismal job at showing you how they have put that money to work and how it is positively impacting those they seek to serve. MiiR is trying to bridge that gap by providing everyone that purchases a growler a bracelet with a tracking number to the clean water project that is being supported by your purchase. By entering your tracking number into their website you will be able to track the progress of the project and see the impact firsthand. This by no means is an easy task, and because of that, I respect the organization even more for going above and beyond to not only provide clean water to someone in need, but for also trying to build a personal relationship between you and the beneficiary.

Choosing to remain emotionally, physically, and electronically disconnected from the rest of the world has led our society to inadvertantly dehumanize and devalue other people. It is almost as if it is a defense mechanism for keeping our minds from believing there are a lot of bad things happening outside of the USA. Personally, I have to constantly remind myself that people do not choose the environments in which they are originally planted. And because of that simple fact, I must strive to remain educated and connected in an effort to try and understand all aspects of their present situation, and help out where I can.

I challenge you to find a way to connect yourself. Whether it is globally or to your local community. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more “human” everyone else is.

– You have 4 days left to back the MiiR Growler, so check it out! I will keep you updated on how MiiR’s clean water project is impacting those in need once I receive the bracelet.


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