Power is in our DNA

Reading time: 2 minutes.

It seems senseless, but I am addicted to knives, yet I hardly ever cut anything with the ones I own. An apple from time to time finds itself under the close concentration of my blade, but that is about it. I carry one with me daily as if I am anticipating a future scuffle with some 1950’s greaser or a restless bear walking down main street Hudson, MA. Who knows, I may need that 3 1/2 inches of cold steel to slice into an unyielding bag of chips in an effort to feed my [starving] family. I may fall under the same paradox many other men are under who own a lot of guns. Basement armories, with a light dust sheet covering the stocks of their prized lever action Winchester 30-30’s (it’s how the West was won). What are we preparing for? What are we scared of? Or maybe it has nothing to do with preparation or fear, only an appreciation for the simplistic beauty in something which yields so much power.

I believe there is something inside us all which causes us to want to feel more powerful. I doubt anyone wakes up in the morning and says, “I want to feel weak today.” The act of quenching the power thirst comes in many forms. For men, it may be increasing our physical strength, purchasing weapons to hold or hunt with, gaining more responsibility in our occupations, driving behind the wheel of a big truck, fast car or motorcycle, earning a bigger pay check, eating a 16oz steak, or winning some sort of competition. Power is in our DNA.

It is all a facade, an attempt to cover up what is really within us, a hunger for love. Why is it that the outward presentation of and inward desire for power comes easier than the presentation of, and willingness to draw closer to love and compassion? I will be the first to admit it, even now as I write about being powerful and owning a nice set of cutlery, there is a cat sitting in my lap. Priceless.

The bottom line: One becomes the most powerful when they finally realize they are weak and can not go at it alone. Let’s stop fooling ourselves. Rather than exhausting resources on equipping ourselves with the temporal for power, look instead to expend love and compassion to those around you. Encouraging and empower them to be Warriors (metaphorically)  instead of focusing all your energy on building up oneself. When push comes to shove it will be those individuals who rally around you and carry you to a place of power in which you would have never been able to realize on your own. You can stop hiding behind your armory (or knife collection in my case) and build an army. Proverbs 27:17: Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.



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