Find your Cupola.


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I have never been in a Cupola. Not too long ago, my 93 year old grandmother was telling me a story about an old 1800’s home she had lived in when she was just a little girl. When it stormed she and her siblings would run up to the cupola, lay flat on their stomachs, and look out the small windows of glass just to get a glimpse of the lightening out on the horizon. Thunder crashing all around they only thing they feared was their father finding out they had left the comfort of their warm beds to sneak up past the attic in the middle of the night.
Today that old farm house has been forgotten, left to slowly decay back into the earth from which it came. With it, everything will go, even the memories. The awe and wonder of what can now be substituted with the present day equivalent, an HD IMAX film, gone.

I have been in many churches all around the world. Countries like Italy, Peru, Panama, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, and others all have ornate churches with some of the most incredible Cupolas ever built. Painted with the most vibrant colors to recreate beautiful landscapes, endless skies, and holy figures. Tilting my head back, I am always dizzied in amazement when looking upon the timeless art. Nothing compares to it.
Today we are so over stimulated by the technology that surrounds us we have almost forgotten what is truly feels like to be filled with true awestruck wonder. We seek out what I like to call temporary fixes, never to truly realize the depths of our soul’s desires; we are over saturated, clogging up our pores with the cold greenish-brown muck you find between your toes while standing in a lake rather than the fine warm white sand you feel trickle past your feet as you listen to ocean waves crash all around you.

To feel the way my grandmother felt as a little girl, we have to stop and listen. Not to the noise of our busy lives passing us by, but instead to the noise the wind makes as it passes through a trees branches, the rain as it hits the tall grass in an empty field, or the sound a river makes as it flows uninterrupted along the smooth rock-bed beneath it. We have to find our cupola and let it do for us and our souls what it was designed to do in the homes, barns, and churches in which they were once built. The fear, excitement, and adventure of climbing to the highest point around, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling light’s warmth revive you will create within you something that you will carry with you until the time is right time to pass it on.


– Be Wise. Rugged. Brave.


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