Let us not forget the Brave.

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Normally a post like this would be reserved for Memorial Day or the 4th of July, but it has been a trying couple of weeks for our US Military members and their families. Sadly, we have lost a number of Brave American leaders selflessly sacrificing all for the preservation of our freedom. Whether it was in combat, while training, or through an unexpected accident, personally, I have lost a number of close friends and acquintences since 2009. Every time our National Anthem plays, I stop and remember each of them, thank them for all they have done, and pray for their families who are often forgotten and not given the deserved respect for also serving selflessly in support of their Airmen, Solider, Sailor, or Marine. 

The death of a military member is often referred to as “the ultimate sacrifice,” and rightly so. There is something sacred about putting everything on the line to preserve the freedom which has meant so much to you, your family, your ancestors, and closest friends… Putting all of our differences aside and fighting for something which we all have taken for granted at least once in our lives.

It’s difficult for me to write any further on this topic, so I will leave you with the names of the service members close to me, in one way or another, that we have lost but not forgotten.

I encourage you to add more names in the comments section as a way to remember the Brave leaders that we all have lost so that we do not have to live in fear each day. 
Thank you

Capt. Victoria Pinckney

Capt. Mark T. Voss

TSgt. Herman “Tre” Mackey III

1st Lt. Roslyn Littmann “Roz” Schulte

Capt. Mark Russell McDowell

1st Lt. Joseph D. Helton 

Capt. Christopher Stover

Capt. Sean M. Ruane

TSgt. Dale E. Mathews

Capt. David Lyon

Maj. Lucas Gruenther

Capt. James Steel


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