Against the Grain.


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And no, I am not talking about the Paleo Diet. I am talking about doing what you know is right; not because everyone on Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter is campaigning for or against it, but because your heart plainly knows it is right. Why waste your time convincing others you are right by posting it? Just pursue it, no reassurance needed from the peanuts in the gallery. And do not worry about if it is wrong. Sometimes what is wrong for one is wholly right for another. And doubt does not necessarily mean you are wrong, it could just mean you are still thinking; give it time. Oswald Chambers once said,

“When you begin to debate, stop immediately. Don’t ask, “Why can’t I do this?” You are on the wrong track. There is no debating possible once your conscience speaks. Whatever it is— drop it, and see that you keep your inner vision clear.”

When you work hard at something, and by this, I mean truly put everything you have into it in an effort to be successful, there will always be someone or something else trying to derail you and the work you have accomplished. There will always be someone else with a alternate opinion, touting that they are more right or there is another way which is better, faster, smarter… They may even have more experience, credentials or a “better” education, do not let that put you off, instead, let it fuel you as the “underdog.”

It is not a bad place to be, that is, swimming up stream. It can be a good mental and physical workout, providing you with the endurance and tools necessary to continue on when the current becomes unpredictable. It will present you with obstacles others would have never faced while flowing effortlessly with the currents of convenience. I personally prefer the challenge. It is how we innovate and grow, and it is how we amaze, which is essential for our society.

But there is a problem in today’s society with following your heart and moving rapidly against the grain towards what you know is right; innovation and growth are quickly forgotten. Take a look around you, you will surely find that some of the most amazing things are the ones that have went against the grain but are now unfortunately taken for granted.

– If trees or mountains grew down (close to the ground like weeds and small hills), would they be as glorious to look at? God had them grow towards the sky so that we would be mystified.

– If airplanes and cars moved slow, would they be as exciting to operate and as efficient to travel in?

– If TV was once black and white with only 3 channels and not HD with 837 channels why are we still bored?

– If birds only crawled and salmon jumped down stream, you would probably be as impressed as you are currently with moles and goldfish.

– Or if all communication reverted back to being corded, would you be so content?  No more instantly tweeting or posting your latest SWAG, political review, or selfy.

It is the ordinarily extraordinary that we often take for granted and forget how truly amazing they still are. Does this mean all hard work is for not, only to be replaced and forgotten? No, it simply means one should never worry about what others think and continue to move forward with what is clear in our vision.

So stop worrying about what those around you think, it is inevitable that they will soon forget as they begin to focus on taking their next selfy (we are all guilty). Keep your inner vision clear and moving forward against the grain with what you know is right. Never give up, even though someday you too may fall into the ordinarily extraordinary category, as what you have done is topped by another who has successfully challenged the currents and cracked the peanuts.

As we are moving forward quickly, against the grain, I challenge you to never forget the ordinarily extraordinary.

Innovation is how we grow, it should not be how we forget.

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2 thoughts on “Against the Grain.”

  1. Scott, great post, thanks for sharing.

    I think the key to doing what you prescribe in the first two paragraphs (which for me, are the essence of the post) is self-confidence… and that is what many of us are most lacking. “Everyone is terrified,” is a line I like to say… because it baselines you back to ground to realize you’re not alone in your own fears and insecurities, but also because it reminds that when people are arguing with you or disagreeing with you or whatever, it’s because they’re just plain scared about their own lives (people looove their opinions), and now you’ve gone against *their* grain. So then, what does that mean for them and their lives? Good for you (and thanks) for encouraging us to continue to pursue our own route. It’s tough, but it’s needed.

    Huge key: ignore the people throwing tomatoes at you. You just have to deliver, and you do that by honoring yourself.

    Nice post.

    1. Ben, Spot on! I like what you said about going against “their” grain. You are a trailblazer bud, keep it up. We all depend on people like you.

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