In 2009, while hiking on the Na Pali Coast in Kauai Hawaii, I came upon some goats gruffin it down the side of the mountain. If you have never seen a mountain goat tearing down a cliff, get after it. That experience was enough for me to decide, right then and there, that I need be more like those goats.

Wise. Rugged. Brave.

billygoatUSA helps you get back to your roots, and feel like the man your Great Grandpap once was. He took risks. Woke up early everyday with a Bible in his hand, and straight edge to his neck. When he was done freshening up, he drank a cold cup of black coffee and went to work with his hands. After a long day he came home, kissed his wife, ate dinner, and drank a tall one. When he had the time, he sought adventure, even though more often than not, it found him first.

So it’s time for you to start gruffin it. And get after that adventure.

– Scott Gross, Founder billygoat USA


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